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OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

Recently we have been introduced to Okido which is an Arts and Science Magazine for Kids. As big advocates for play I can't begin to express how I have been incredibly impressed with the content inside this magazine. It is a monthly magazine, available via subscription suitable for children aged between 3-7 years old. It is jam packed with stories, activities, games, doodles, recipes and poetry. 

The magazines are printed on FSC certified paper using biodegradable vegetable inks. How cool is that? The matt paper used is great quality and thick, unlike magazines you usually find in stores, which means it will stand the test of time. This thick, great quality paper is perfect for the doodling and drawing challenges too! Okido inspires and encourages creativity and scientific interest. It is a great staple to take on a range of various topics and have a bank of ideas that will grab your childs interest, whilst they learn by doing, through play. Which we know is the best way for children to learn. 

You can read more about Okido and look at signing up to their awesome subscription here on their website.

Content is 100% eco friendly. There is no plastic tat stuck to the front of the magazines. Instead you are invited to exercise your fine motor skills and cut out your games to enjoy. This is a refreshing change from the magazines we see in the shops. Often housed inside plastic bags, brimmed with single use plastic toys that soon often break or stop holding the children's attention. 

When we have brought magazines in the past too we have noticed that the cutting challenges often feature on pages where the pages printed on the back are designs the children are reluctant to cut into. This isn't the case with Okido. They make sure cutting challenges do not effect other quality pages within the book. 

Today, children are often drowning in toys. It gives them far too much opportunity which ends up being detrimental to play. It makes children feel overwhelmed and as a result means they are not able to engage fully or creatively. This is known as toy overload. This magazine subscription would be a perfect gift for children. It gives them something to look forward to each month.

Each magazine has 48 pages of fun immersive STEM learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each month, the issue is themed so before long children have a wonderful library of STEM content that encourages collaboration, curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity and critical thinking. Topics range from bugs, weather and space to water, emotions and the human body!

The characters are charming and the beautiful illustrations and stories captivate children's interests. 

Immediately I could tell that the people behind the magazines fully understood what childhood is really all about. I wasn't surprised to learn that it has been created and developed by science and educational experts. The team work together with the passion to create the next generation of imaginative scientists. Their philosophy is a simple one - every child is a creative scientist.

Our first magazine to land is #108 which has the topic of Water. It starts with a comic strip where Messy Monster who you may be familiar with if you watch CBeebies, restores the water cycle. Zim, Zam and Zoom then meet Messy at the Swimming Pool where they start to discuss how inflatable rings and arm bands can help us float in the water.  

OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

I loved the story with Mochi as it is accessible for the youngest of ages as they read via the pictures they see. What a wonderful way to start building confidence with early reading! 

OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

One of the book snippets came from Scientists Saving the World by Saskia Gwinn and Ana Albero. The illustrations and text guide us through the important work of Marine Biologists. I loved the pictures! It really drew my 6 year olds in. Lots of fantastic discussion.

A new board book release by Maggis Li got us to discuss what we shouldn't flush into the water systems and what we shouldn't. 

The centre of the magazine is all about creativity. The children were challenged to water some thirsty plants, identify which direction raindrops fall, explore water habitats and identify which water creatures live in which body of water. 

There were opportunities to draw sea creatures, to highlight the plumbing in a house to see how using water based items filter away from the home. We were able to explore how rivers lead to the oceans and how the oceans rise. There were word searches, maths puzzles for capacity and we followed the guide to make an origami drinking cup. They worked a treat! 

OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

The activity was to experiment with different materials to see which float or sink and then build a raft. This challenge also engaged my 9 year old! The children worked alongside each other to build their rafts.

OKIDO The Arts and Science Magazine for Kids Review AD

I really took a backseat here and really enjoyed watching their creativity and energy go into creating their own boats and they did an amazing job!

All of this takes us to just half of the magazine! Honestly I am so taken back by how awesome it is! 

Content is very well thought out and the activities involve everyday household items which means you can progress through the pages and complete fun challenges with things at close hand. 

The Okido world is for everyone! It is stereotype free zone because they believe is promoting equality. In my eyes you can't go wrong with this magazine! It is fantastic! 

The cost of the magazine is £7.50 for a single issue. You save money by activating a subscription, which can be cancelled at anytime. A 12 month subscription brings the magazine down to £5 each and you can save even more by taking out a 24 month subscription which brings the magazines down to £4.16! You can also purchase back copies of the magazine if there has been a previous topic you know your children would really love via their website.

You can read more about Okido and look at signing up to their awesome subscription here on their website.

We have the pleasure of working with Okido over the coming months. We will be sharing our thoughts and opinions on the magazines along with joining in with their crafts and activities. All thoughts and opinions are our own as part of our honest review. 

Learning Through Play
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