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OKIDO now have an App! AD

OKIDO now have an App! AD

I have some very exciting news! OKIDO the Science and Art Magazine for Kids now has it's very own App! We couldn't wait to get stuck in and it didn't disappoint! OKIDO is a monthly magazine, available via subscription suitable for children aged between 3-7 years old. It is jam packed with stories, activities, games, doodles, recipes and poetry. 

Firstly I want to stress that although the magazine is aimed for 3-7 years old my daughter who is almost 10 has been really enjoying the content in these magazines too! She has loved joining in with the challenges and crafts and has learnt lots, alongside her younger brothers. 

We have received 3 copies to date and we really look forward to them landing. I am confident that there will be incredible content that will be the staple of our learning at home during that month. It really does do all the work for you. It prides itself on quality but using materials and resources that you no doubt have already at hand. It takes so much stress and planning away. 

Children are drawn to the magazines and enjoy the accessible content. They can't help but be drawn in and want to do all the activities and challenges. This really is key for them absorbing the opportunities they're presented with and helps that the learning is physically doing and experiencing things, first hand. 

I really like how we are forming a little library here that we can always come back to at any time! 

Here are some of the amazing things we have done so far - 

OKIDO now have an App! AD

We loved doing this out in the garden! We made sure there was a variety of materials and the children loved making their own rafts. Between them several were made and the experiment was a joy to observe! Out of all their rafts we only had 1 that sank! 

They extended this by going to get some of their toys and added them to their boats. Not only did we conduct a Science experiment but they went on to add to the activity by creating their own scenes. We had all this in so we didn't have to purchase anything to do the activity which was another bonus. 

OKIDO now have an App! AD

This one really got their fingers working. They had to really consider the puzzles they were presented with and they willingly worked through them one by one. They got additional slips of card and created their own puzzles for each other to solve too. I really love how they keep finding ways to keep the fun going. Again another activity where we didn't need to buy anything. 

Make Nature Journey Wands:

OKIDO now have an App! AD

Tied in so well with a family Autumnal walk. Really got them to walk much slower and take in their surroundings. Wrapping their nature treasures up into the wool proved to be a real challenge but one that they were so determined to do. 

Their nature journey wands turned out so well and off they wand zapping their magic all around the forest! I love crafts that you can do whilst out and about. It really does add to the venture!

Leaf Symmetry:

OKIDO now have an App! AD

I challenged the children to find different leaves with interesting patterns and different colours on them. What a wonderful collection they found! Back home after a dose of fresh air - a piece of card, glue, a pencil and some water colours and they were away. 

Again, they were really considering the marks, the patterns the formations. They were so proud of what they created! Such a lovely job they did! 

OKIDO now have an App! AD

Now not only do we have the incredible magazines we can now explore, play and learn with extra, interactive content every month to make learning with OKIDO even more fun!

OKIDO now have an App! AD

As an extension to every magazine that lands through your door you can now open the app and explore interactive challenges, stories, games, songs and so much more to enhance and encourage even more learning and fun! 

This is an all rounded experience, carefully designed to ignite and awaken all learning styles. 

OKIDO now have an App! AD

Download the app to start your 7 day FREE trial! Plus, access all the Brain content for FREE to get a taste of what’s to come.

OKIDO now have an App! AD

The content has been created by Scientists and Educators which becomes quickly apparent. This has been made by people who are passionate about play and learning and each piece of content has endless quality that is aimed so well at children. 

The content is all Ad free which helps to provide a safe and distraction free experience. I love how you don't need internet access for the app to work too. You can access the content anywhere! 

OKIDO now have an App! AD

As always here at Learning and Exploring Through Play we only work with companies that we truly believe in. This is a really incredible resource to guide children though so many different topics in a fun and engaging way. 

You get such great value for money and without a doubt your children will enjoy all the content that is presented to them each month. 

It can be quite daunting to support your children's learning at home but these magazines do it all for you. If you are in the education sector and work with children, again - a resources to not pass on. With friendly heart-warming content that draws children in - you really can't go wrong. 

You can read more about Okido and look at signing up to their awesome subscription here on their website.

We have the pleasure of working with Okido over the coming months. We will be sharing our thoughts and opinions on the magazines along with joining in with their crafts and activities. All thoughts and opinions are our own as part of our honest review. 

Learning Through Play
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