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Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

Puffy Paint is a fun texture to work with. Today, we want to share a Puffy Paint Snowman idea. If you are experiencing cold weather and your children are fascinated by it, this art idea may interest them.

At the end of this post, you will be able to download the snowman template.

We are currently in the midst of winter here in the UK. The children are always curious and full of questions when we wake up to frosty mornings. It's a beautiful sight to see everything coated in white. We are eagerly hoping for the first snowfall of the year. 

Puffy Paint is an easy and interesting texture for process art. You likely have all you need, so let's dive in and share the recipe and step-by-step.

You will need:
The Template printed on card (see at the end of the post)
PVA Glue 
Shaving Cream
Food Colouring
Paint Brushes
Foam sheets

Firstly, if you need containers for arts, crafts, or sensory play we have some great options available in our online shop - set of 4 bowls, set of 6 translucent bowls or our rustic bowls set of 3.

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

Start by squirting your shaving cream into your bowl. You need to use shaving cream not gel for this activity.  Make sure you have plenty to cover the area. Start to add your PVA glue to the shaving cream aiming for an equal amount. 

I don't have exact measurements as such as I always go by the look and feel of the mixture. You'll know what I mean once you start making it. It's a texture you soon familiarise yourself with. Start to combine the cream and glue together using your paint brush. 

If you are looking to add colours this is your time to do it. In my personal opinion the consistency and vibrancy is much nicer when you use food colouring but you can also use ready mixed paint if that is all you have to hand. 

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

You'll find that it takes quite a bit of colour to reach solid colours. Just keep adding until you reach the desired shades. 

I was asked over on my socials if you could look at making this the night before to use the next day. No, this paint needs to be made just before you start to use it as it will start to dry and set. 

Once ready you can start to add the puffy paint to your card. I'd recommend using card over paper as there is quite a bit of moisture in this mixture and you risk your paper tearing. Card will be able to withstand the moisture and stay intact.

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

You can add your puffy paint using a paint brush. Some children I have worked with in the past have enjoyed adding it using a large popsicle stick. Perhaps look at having a few options so the children can look at trialing different methods. 

Once the template was covered we started to add the features to the snowman. To create them we used some foam sheets. A great material for puffy paint as the colours won't bleed into the foam. Tap them into the mixture and leave to dry for a couple of days. 

Lets see this activity in action:

I have always found that the materials we add stick to the mixture perfectly but if any happen to fall off you can look at adding them again once dry using PVA glue. 

Below is the template you can use to do this activity at home. Right click and save and then print it out. If you give this activity a go and share it on your social media do tag us us or use our hashtag - #ourplay2day.

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

Puffy Paint Snowman Free Template

Learning Through Play
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