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Valentines Day Foil Art

Valentines Day Foil Art

Valentines Day Foil Art is a great one for a range of ages. It's simple to do so even if you're not the most artistic person the process is good fun and you will without a shadow of a doubt create beautiful effective artwork. 

Another big plus to this activity is you will no doubt have all you need to do it, already at home. It is quick to put together and exercises a range of skills that children always find good fun doing. 

Let's delve right in with the items you will need:
Permanent Markers - Sharpies I used
Washable Markers - Crayola I used
Spray Bottle

Valentines Day Foil Art

Take your piece of card and start to add your doodles using a permanent marker pen. We always stick to the Sharpie brand here. I love the range and vibrancy of the colours. I would highly recommend using card for this activity. Later on you will be submerging it into water. If you use paper it will more than likely rip and tear. Card can withstand this process absolutely fine. 

As it was Valentines we centered our designs around this theme but you can do this activity just for fun or for any theme that is of interest to the children. 

Valentines Day Foil Art

Why do you need to use permanent markers? Permanent Markers will stay put and not bleed once the water is added. 

Once you have added all the doodles you are ready to take your foil and start adding colours using washable markers. It doesn’t matter what side of the foil you use - they will both work equally as good. 

Valentines Day Foil Art

Be mindful of the size of foil. Make sure you can lay your card down and it sit within the frame. If it's smaller than the card it will mean you may have to repeat the process a few times and you will more than likely need to use new foil each time as the existing piece won’t colour onto well once wet. 

Add as much colour as you can. The more colour the more your artwork will pop. Darker colours are more vibrant once you look at transferring it over onto the card so make sure you have a really good balance of light and dark colours.

Valentines Day Foil Art

Take you spray bottle and fill it with water. You can start to spritz the surface. 

Valentines Day Foil Art

Make sure you have spritzed all over to make sure the colour starts to lift and blend together. Carefully place your card on top of the colour and rub all over your card to make sure the colour transfers across the surface. 

Valentines Day Foil Art

Gently lift the card to reveal your beautiful process art. Leave to try on a flat surface. If once dried the card is curled in the corners you can solve this by place it underneath a hardback heavy book.

Lets see this activity in action:

During this activity the children will enjoy learning about the cause and effect of their actions. Operating the spray bottle is great for working the muscles in the hands and in turn will go on to help improve their fine motor skills.


Valentines Day Foil Art

Learning Through Play
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