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Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

I want to share with you a fun addition to your arts and crafts station. I first saw this idea on Pinterest and there have been so many versions of it since. It's time we gave it a go too and offered this fun experience of hands on colour mixing to my children. 

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

I always love when we can incorporate a little home DIY or recycling and reusing in our play invitations and arts and crafts. For this little art hack you will need to recycle 3 soap dispensers. I gathered ours and gave them a good washing out so there were no traces of any soap. I left them to dry overnight.

I also just want to give you the heads up that I have included a free download for you at the bottom of this post if you wanted to look at using the same labels as we have. It will hopefully save you a job. 

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Once your bottles are cleaned you can start to add your paint to the containers. I really wanted to give my children the experience of primary colours and their ability to mix and create secondary colours. Let's just have a look into this a little further....

It is usually said that there are 3 primary colours which are red, yellow and blue. 

Technically speaking however it's important to be mindful that these are just one type of primary colours as there is also - additive primary colours which are red, green and blue and subtractive primary colours - cyan, magneta and yellow. 

Red, yellow and blue are the foundation for creating other colours. These three colours can not be made by mixing colours together. This set of primary colours can go on to make what we refer to as secondary colours. Secondary colours are made by mixing two of the primary colours together. For reference - 

  • red + yellow = orange
  • yellow + blue = green
  • blue + red = violet

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

In the dispensers I added red, blue and yellow. I added our printable colour mixing chart to the bottles too. 

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Another good outcome to using these soap dispensers is that children need to use their fine motor skills to pump out the paint. This in turn becomes a fun activity to really work the muscles in the children's hands and develop the strength and control. 

Offer some empty paint pallets for the children to pump out the paint and mix their own shades. We recycled our apple trays for this and it worked really well.

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Learning about colour mixing will help to develop critical thinking and creativity. They will be making predictions and observing outcomes. 

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

They will be busy comparing and exploring cause and effect and problem solving as they explore hands on how to achieve desired shades. Through this activity they will be able to figure out what is working and what isn't.

Lets see this activity in action:

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Pop out your paper/card and the children can experiment and create with all the colours they've made. 

Colour Mixing Soap Dispensers

Learning Through Play
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