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Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Wax crayon melting canvas art is something I have wanted to do for such a long time. We finally got round to doing it! Such a fun process art activity that must go on your to do list!

First things first - What is process art and why is it so important?

Process art is when we focus on the process of the art rather than the outcome. Art has always been my favourite thing to do with children. It is superb at building connection but when done right, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Art is all about celebrating uniqueness, flare and creativity and process art is all of these things and more!

It's a wonderful way to really build curiosity. Learn through trial and error. Build self esteem and confidence. It doesn't matter what the end outcome looks like as long as you've had fun!

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Just a little side note/disclosure that I was sent the Bostik glue gun as as part of an Instagram collaboration.

For this activity, you will need:
A canvas
Two sets of wax crayons
A glue gun
Glue sticks
A recycled cardboard box
Hair dryer

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Start by ordering the wax crayons. We decided to keep the wrappers on. You can remove them if you wish. It’s down to personal preference. Depending on the size of your canvas you may need more wax crayons so do be mindful of this before starting the activity.

We used two boxes of Crayola crayons as there were a couple of colours that I wanted extra of.

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Once the order was all figured out, it was time to get them stuck down onto the canvas. We used a glue gun to attach them. I would highly recommend using a glue gun over PVA glue is a lot stronger and dries quicker so you will be able to get stuck into the project quicker. It goes without saying that an adult would need to use the hot glue gun as they are too dangerous for children.

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

When all of the crayons are stuck down firmly, you can position your canvas standing upright inside your recycled cardboard box. Using a recycled cardboard box is paramount as there will be flicks of wax that could spoil your surfaces if they are not protected. The box will catch all of the splats and ensure a nice, easy clean up.

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

Aim the hair drier at the crayons and just work the heat back and forth. I was really suprized at how quickly the wax will start to melt. Within a few seconds it will start to drip down your canvas creating beautiful coloured droplets that run down the length of your canvas! You don't need to hold the hair dryer too close to the crayons. So fun to do!

Keep adding your heat until you are happy with the coverage. Once happy leave it a few minutes for the wax to set. It won't take long at all and then your process art is good to go!

Lets see this activity in action:

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I highly recommend giving this activity a go! We have so much fun with it. It is something I will look to do again very soon. Material wise - I got the wax crayons from The Range and the canvas was from The Works. If you are looking to do this with a group of children it may be cheaper to get your canvas' from Home Bargains. I have purchased canvas from there in the past and managed to buy sets of 4 for a couple of pounds.

If you give it a go, do come and share it with me on social media. It makes my day so much to see you having fun off the back of our posts!

Until next time, keep playing and having fun!

Wax Crayon Melting Canvas Art

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