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Egg Carton Flower Canvas

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

No matter what time of year noticing the flowers blooming around us is great fun. Noticing the shades, the size the scents they give off. Paying attention to which wildlife are attracted to them provides many learning opportunities. 

Today I am going to share a really lovely craft where we created some beautiful flowers using an egg carton! Who would have thought that an egg carton would create the most beautiful flowers?

For this craft you will need:
White Canvas
Cardboard Egg Carton
Paint Brushes

There really is something satisfying about creating and making with items hat you have been able to recycle! There are so many opportunities for making and putting your creativeness to work! Cardboard is one of my favourite medias for crafts and activities. It often causes a divide between me and James who always tried to throw away empty boxes after deliveries in the hopes I don't clock him! HA!

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

Begin by cutting the egg carton in half, removing the lid of the carton and popping aside. Cut out each egg holding cavity and make 4 slits in them for the petals. Carefully start to shape your petals using scissors. You will need to repeat this step but cut the sides lower. This will form the inner flowers.

You will need 3 parts to create your flowers, the one with the higher sides will create your outer petals (you will need 2 of these) and the lower cut sides will be the inner.

Use the remaining parts of the carton to cut out your stems, a short strip which you can curl like in the photo to make the centre of your flower and the leaves. Once you have all the pieces cut out it's time to move on to getting your flower pieces painted.

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

You can use any paint you wish. Children's paint/water based paints may require a couple of coats to get full coverage and get the colour popping. As the carton is porous the paints will soak in a little.

If you have acrylic paints they would work really well and you wouldn't have the issue of the paint leaking into the carton. 

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

You will also need to paint your stems and leaves. We used different shades of green. It's really useful to use a surface such as a scrap piece of cardboard to paint on. 

That way you can squirt your paint on it to the side and discard it all once your pieces have dried. It really can save time on the clean up too! 

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

Once fully dry you can start gluing your flowers together. Glue he twirled piece into the centre of the shorter petals and glue this inside the larger petals as pictured above. 

You can add a couple to the tips of your centre too if you wish.

You can then start adding your flowers to the canvas. Its completely up to you whether you leave the canvas white or if you paint it a colour. There we have it - a beautiful craft that is created using materials you have recycled! Doesn't it look effective? 

Egg Carton Flower Canvas - DIY Gifts - Recycled Crafts

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