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Haunted House Art

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

Today I have another Halloween themed art project for you. After recently sharing the Witches Boots just last week I have been over the moon to see so many of you trying it out with the children. It really makes my day to receive your photos. Do keep them coming! It really does make it all worth while. 

This art activity is centred around a haunted house. 

Lets take a look at what you will need to complete this activity. 

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

You will need:
Construction Paper (or card)
Oil Pastels

Once you have gathered all the materials you need, it's time to download and print the free printable haunted house template which can be found at the very bottom of this post. 
When you have it in front of you carefully cut all of the pieces out. You will need to use your white haunted house template to cut out the house on black card. This will become the silhouette of the house that sits on your background.

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

On your white piece of card draw a circle (the moon) with yellow pastels and then trace that circle with orange as pictured. You could faintly draw a circle beforehand as we did to make sure you are happy with the shape and size before you start to use your oil pastels.

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

Then start working outwards using shades of green and blue. Darker to lighter. Use your finger tips to blend the colours together. This is a really pleasuring art technique that you cane keep adding to until you have achieved the perfect faded combination. Blend, blend and blend some more!

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

Look at what you can achieve with this blending technique! Each colour used has blended perfectly with the other one. 

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

When you are happy with what you have achieved with your fading and blending draw a border around the edge of the paper using a black pastel. Again you want to look at smudging it up with the greens and blues in your picture. You can then use your glue to add the fencing to your picture. 

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

Stick the house on top of the fence before adding the bats over the moon. You can then look at adding all the featured to your house. Look how fantastic your artwork is looking!

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

Glue the doors and windows onto the house followed by any ghosts you want to add too! You could look at making this project even more unique by adding more crafty items that you may have. You may want to repeat the activity by using different colours perhaps? 

Haunted House Art - Halloween Crafts for Kids

I would love to see what you create! If you have time - do send across the artwork you make. It would be great fun to add more examples to this post too, if that's something you would be happy doing. You can share with me your artwork by visiting Learning and Exploring Through Play on Facebook. You can contact me via our Play Support Group on Facebook too!

Have fun and have a Happy Halloween. 

Image Map

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